Who's Your Daddy: Hilarious Chaos Ensues as Dads Battle to Keep Baby Alive

TLDRIn the game Who's Your Daddy, players take turns being the dad and try to keep the baby from harm. The game is filled with funny moments and challenges as the dads struggle to protect the baby. Watch the video to see the chaos unfold!

Key insights

👶Players take turns being the dad and battle to keep the baby from harm.

🔥Chaos ensues as the dads face challenges and try to protect the baby.

🎮The game Who's Your Daddy is filled with hilarious and unpredictable moments.

💻Players can use various in-game items and objects to interact with the environment.

🏠The game features different locations such as the house and the backyard.


How do you win in Who's Your Daddy?

The player who has the least amount of baby deaths when they are the dad wins.

What are some of the challenges in the game?

Challenges in the game include preventing the baby from drinking bleach, sticking objects in electrical sockets, or drowning in the pool.

Can you play as the baby in Who's Your Daddy?

No, players can only take turns being the dad.

Is Who's Your Daddy a multiplayer game?

Yes, the game can be played with multiple players, each taking turns being the dad.

Where can I play Who's Your Daddy?

Who's Your Daddy is available on various gaming platforms, including PC and consoles.

Timestamped Summary

00:00Introduction: A hilarious game called Who's Your Daddy, where players take turns being the dad and battle to keep the baby from harm.

03:39The dads encounter challenges and funny situations as they try to protect the baby from danger.

06:52The dads struggle to navigate the house and interact with various objects to keep the baby safe.

09:56Chaos ensues as the dads face unexpected occurrences, such as fires and rockets.

11:20The dads make use of different in-game items and tools to care for the baby.

13:32The dads attempt risky actions and encounter consequences, leading to hilarious moments.

16:31Conclusion: The game Who's Your Daddy provides endless entertainment and laughter as players battle to protect the baby.