Who Knows Me Better? | Challenge with Sofia and Firaun's Parents

TLDRSofia and Firaun's parents compete to see who knows Firaun better in a fun challenge. Winner gets a 30-minute shopping spree. Who will come out on top?

Key insights

🏆Parents compete to see who knows Firaun better

🛍️Winner gets a 30-minute shopping spree

Interesting questions about Firaun's preferences and personality

👪Discussion on the dynamics between Sofia, Firaun, and his parents

😂Humorous moments and family banter during the challenge


Who won the challenge?

Watch the video to find out who knows Firaun better!

What do they win if they win the challenge?

The winner gets a 30-minute shopping spree with no budget.

How long have Sofia and Firaun known each other?

They have known each other since they were four years old.

What are Firaun's parents' thoughts on the challenge?

Firaun's parents believe that they know him better, but Sofia is confident in her knowledge of Firaun.

What is Firaun's dream job?

Watch the video to discover Firaun's dream job.

Timestamped Summary

00:17Introduction to the challenge and the prize for the winner.

00:59Discussion on who knows Firaun better: Sofia or his parents.

04:59Firaun asks the first question about his favorite food.

07:54Firaun asks the second question about his favorite subject in school.

11:32Firaun asks the third question about his dream girlfriend.

14:50Firaun asks the fourth question about his favorite person in the house.

19:40Firaun asks the fifth question about his dream job.

20:57The challenge ends and the winners go on a shopping spree.