What Happens When You Turn into an Admin?

TLDRDiscover the power and consequences of becoming an admin in an online game. Follow the journey of a player who transforms into an admin character and explores the Grand Canyon. Find out how this transformation affects their gameplay and relationships within the game.

Key insights

🔥Becoming an admin grants powerful abilities and control over the game environment.

💣Admin characters have the potential to disrupt the game experience for other players.

🎁Gifted items can enhance gameplay and fulfill long-standing player desires.

💨The player's decision to spare others from their potentially dangerous abilities shows a kind act.

🍎Earning the title of 'Master of Fruits' symbolizes achievement and mastery in the game.


What are the benefits of becoming an admin?

Admins have control over the game environment and access to powerful abilities, enhancing their gameplay experience.

Can admin characters negatively impact other players?

Yes, admins can disrupt the game experience for others through their actions or abilities, leading to potential conflicts.

What kind of gift did the player receive on their birthday?

The player received the sword 'Tornado Frenzy' and the 'Proto Simulator', allowing them to defeat enemies more effectively.

Why did the player spare their friend from a dangerous fart?

The player decided to show kindness and spare their friend from harm by withholding their potentially harmful abilities.

What does being the 'Master of Fruits' signify?

Being the 'Master of Fruits' represents achieving a high level of mastery and expertise in the game.

Timestamped Summary

00:00Introduction to the concept of turning into an admin character.

00:18The player receives a birthday gift fulfilling their long-standing desire.

00:31The player's transformation into an admin grants them powerful abilities.

00:46A choice to spare others from their potentially dangerous abilities showcases a kind act.

00:57The player earns the prestigious title of 'Master of Fruits'.