Welcome Back to Toronto Blue Jays!

TLDRMunenori Kawasaki, former Toronto Blue Jays player, returns to the team and shares his thoughts on being a father, facing Tanaka, and the team's success.

Key insights

👨‍👦Kawasaki celebrates his first Father's Day as a father of a 10-month-old son.

🏆Kawasaki reflects on his time in Buffalo and expresses his gratitude for the opportunity to come back to the Toronto Blue Jays.

🇯🇵Kawasaki talks about facing Tanaka, sharing his experience of playing against him in Japan.

🔝Kawasaki praises the Toronto Blue Jays for being in first place and considers them a strong team.

🗣️Kawasaki showcases his language skills by welcoming the host in Japanese.


How old is Kawasaki's son?

Kawasaki's son is 10 months old.

Did Kawasaki miss his teammates?

Yes, Kawasaki missed all his teammates, including the host.

Has Kawasaki faced Tanaka before?

Yes, Kawasaki has faced Tanaka in Japan.

What does Kawasaki think of the Toronto Blue Jays being in first place?

Kawasaki thinks the Toronto Blue Jays are a very good team and is happy to see them in first place.

What is the meaning of the Japanese phrase 'Welcome back'?

The Japanese phrase 'Welcome back' means 'okaeri nasai.'

Timestamped Summary

00:00Munenori Kawasaki returns to the Toronto Blue Jays.

00:08Kawasaki celebrates his first Father's Day.

00:23Kawasaki expresses his appreciation for the opportunity to come back to the team.

00:52Kawasaki talks about facing Tanaka.

01:16Kawasaki praises the Toronto Blue Jays for being in first place.

01:41Kawasaki surprises the host by welcoming him in Japanese.