Unstoppable Babar Azam Leads Pakistan to Victory

TLDRBabar Azam's brilliant century guides Pakistan to a remarkable win against England in the T20 series. Pakistan's batting lineup showed great intent and ability to find boundaries against spinners, answering doubts and securing a dominant performance.

Key insights

🏏Babar Azam becomes the first Pakistani player to make two centuries in T20 international cricket.

🔥The partnership between Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan propelled Pakistan to a huge total of 200 runs.

💥Pakistan's approach of attacking the bowlers and running hard between the wickets proved successful.

👏Babar Azam's elegant and powerful shots showcased his exceptional batting skills.

😲England missed crucial chances in the field, allowing Pakistan to maintain their momentum.


How many runs did Babar Azam score in this match?

Babar Azam scored a brilliant century, reaching 100 runs in the match.

Who was Babar Azam's batting partner in the match?

Babar Azam was supported by Mohammad Rizwan, who contributed to their dominant partnership.

What was the total score of the Pakistani team?

Pakistan's batting lineup achieved a massive total of 200 runs in the match.

How did Pakistan approach their batting strategy?

Pakistan adopted an aggressive approach, attacking the bowlers and focusing on quick runs.

What mistakes did England make in the field?

England missed crucial chances in the field, failing to take catches and allowing Pakistan to maintain their momentum.

Timestamped Summary

02:33Babar Azam hits a huge six, showcasing his exceptional batting skills.

04:12Babar Azam achieves his second century in T20 international cricket, setting a new record for Pakistani players.

05:38Pakistan reaches a dominant total of 200 runs, thanks to the partnership between Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan.

06:58England misses a crucial chance to dismiss Babar Azam, allowing him to continue his brilliant innings.

07:48Babar Azam hits another boundary, further showcasing his elegant and powerful batting skills.