Unspoken Rules Every Brawl Stars Player Follows

TLDRLearn the unspoken rules that every Brawl Stars player obeys, including checking quests, searching bushes, and celebrating unlocks. Discover the importance of spinning and shooting in-game, and the etiquette of playing with newbies. Find out why breaking skulls and subscribing are mandatory for true Brawl Stars fans.

Key insights

📋Players always check quests and events, even when they don't have any or don't plan to complete them.

🍃Inspecting bushes is essential, as enemies could be hiding inside.

📸Unlocking desired items warrants sharing screenshots with friends.

💰Clicking on the 'new' tag in the shop is a must, even if there are no significant changes.

😡Teammates' mistakes often lead to internal frustration and criticism.


Should I spin back if someone spins at me in-game?

Spinning back is a way to accept their invitation to team up, but it's best to use caution in free-for-all modes.

Is it necessary to change my profile icon when unlocking a new brawler?

Changing your profile icon to the new brawler is a common way to celebrate and show off your achievement.

Why do players shoot their teammates at the end of a match?

Shooting teammates often indicates dissatisfaction with their performance or perceived mistakes.

Can I pick a high-trophy brawler when playing with a beginner?

It's advised to choose a lower trophy brawler when playing with beginners to ensure a balanced gameplay experience.

Are the unspoken rules the same among all Brawl Stars players?

While many players adhere to these unspoken rules, their significance may vary individually.

Timestamped Summary

00:00The game of Brawl Stars brings with it a set of unspoken rules that every player follows.

00:39The first rule is checking quests, league, and events whenever you open the game.

01:22Inspect every bush for potential enemies, even if you think you're safe.

02:10Unlocking something you desired? Share a screenshot and let others share your excitement.

02:54Always click on the 'new' tag in the shop, regardless of the significance of the changes.

03:32Feeling frustrated with your teammates? Keep in mind that they might be thinking the same about you.