Unlocking Travel Independence for Learners with Additional Needs

TLDRLearn how travel training helps learners with additional needs gain independence and access the community. Discover the range of targets and challenges they face and how schools support them in their journey.

Key insights

🚂Travel training targets range from basic road safety to using public transport to access work or leisure activities.

👥Learners with additional needs may face more barriers to accessing public transport and being out in the community.

🏔️Supporting learners in travel training allows them to access everyday activities and prevents them from being excluded.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Travel training starts from a young age and continues to support learners as they grow older.

🛣️Regular travel training improves learners' spatial awareness, safety, and confidence.


What age group does travel training support?

Travel training supports learners of all ages, starting from as young as four and continuing into adulthood.

What challenges do learners with additional needs face in travel training?

Learners with additional needs may face challenges related to sensory issues, anxiety, and difficulties with time management.

How does travel training benefit learners with additional needs?

Travel training allows learners to gain independence, access community resources, and participate in everyday activities like meeting friends or going to work.

How does travel training improve learners' safety?

Travel training teaches learners road safety, spatial awareness, and how to navigate public transport safely.

How does travel training impact learners' confidence?

By gradually exposing learners to different travel situations, travel training helps build their confidence and self-assurance.

Timestamped Summary

00:00Travel training targets are part of Independent Living and Preparing for Adulthood programs, covering a wide range of skills.

01:21Travel training starts from a young age, with even the simplest activities like accessing places in the community on minibuses.

01:53Regular travel training helps learners overcome challenges like lack of spatial awareness and road safety awareness.

02:06One learner's experience shows how travel training improved their ability to navigate zebra crossings and walk safely.

02:21By supporting learners in travel training, schools ensure they can access everyday activities and improve their independence.