Unlocking Brawlers and Progressing the Account - Day 123

TLDROn Day 123, we unlock multiple new Brawlers, including Scotty Jesse and Willow. We purchase coins and Power Points to level up these Brawlers and progress the account even further.

Key insights

🔓Multiple new Brawlers unlocked, including Scotty Jesse and Willow.

💰Coins and Power Points purchased to level up the new Brawlers.

🔝Continued progression of the account, reaching Day 123.

🌟Star Drops from the Championship Challenge reward valuable items.

Level Up Offer purchased to boost progress.


Which Brawlers were unlocked on Day 123?

Scotty Jesse and Willow were unlocked on Day 123.

What did you purchase to level up the Brawlers?

Coins and Power Points were purchased to level up the new Brawlers.

How far did you progress on Day 123?

The account reached Day 123, showing continued dedication.

What rewards did you get from the Championship Challenge?

Valuable items, including coins and Power Points, were obtained from the Championship Challenge.

Did you use any special offers to boost progress?

Yes, the Level Up Offer was purchased to further boost progress.

Timestamped Summary

00:08Coins and Power Points purchased to level up new Brawlers.

00:12Unlocking Scotty Jesse and Willow Brawlers.

03:16Gaining valuable items from Star Drops in Championship Challenge.

04:00Purchasing Level Up Offer to enhance progression.

05:40Continued dedication to account progression on Day 123.