Unlock Your Creativity with Procreate and Apple Pencil Pro

TLDRDiscover how Procreate, combined with Apple Pencil Pro, revolutionizes the painting experience. Create brushes that respond in new ways, target actions without touching the screen, and enjoy haptic feedback for perfect alignment. Take advantage of precision and performance for drawing, painting, and animating in Procreate Dreams.

Key insights

🎨Procreate combined with Apple Pencil Pro offers new ways for artists to create and manipulate brushes, enhancing the painting experience.

✏️Apple Pencil Pro introduces barrel roll, allowing artists to automatically change brush size, introduce color, and more.

🖌️With Apple Pencil Pro's squeeze feature, artists can activate shortcuts and select layers without touching the screen.

📐Haptic feedback in Procreate ensures objects are snapped perfectly into alignment for precise artwork.

🎞️Procreate Dreams expands functionality to include animation, enabling artists to record actions and create stunning animations.


What are the advantages of using Procreate with Apple Pencil Pro?

Procreate combined with Apple Pencil Pro enhances the painting experience, offering new ways to manipulate brushes, introduce color, activate shortcuts, select layers, and achieve precise alignment with haptic feedback.

Can I create animations in Procreate?

Yes, Procreate Dreams allows artists to record their actions while a movie plays, enabling the creation of animations by moving and rotating objects.

Is Procreate compatible with the new iPad Pro?

Yes, Procreate is compatible with the new iPad Pro, and the performance improvements of the device unlock new capabilities for artists.

Are there any new effects in Procreate Dreams?

Yes, Procreate Dreams introduces new effects like Lens Blur for creating realistic bokeh and camera-focused animations.

Can Procreate handle real-time changes and multiple tracks?

Yes, Procreate can handle hundreds of tracks and all changes happen in real time, allowing artists to work efficiently and creatively.

Timestamped Summary

00:00Procreate and Apple Pencil Pro revolutionize the painting experience.

00:28Barrel roll in Procreate enables automatic brush size and color changes.

00:43Apple Pencil Pro's squeeze feature activates shortcuts and allows layer selection without touching the screen.

01:01Haptic feedback in Procreate ensures precise alignment of objects on the canvas.

01:18Procreate Dreams introduces animation capabilities, allowing artists to record actions and create stunning animations.

01:35New effects like Lens Blur and camera-focused animations are available in Procreate Dreams.

01:47The new iPad Pro offers a 50% improvement in performance for an enhanced creative experience.

02:09Procreate continues to build tools that amplify creativity for artists of all levels.