Unbelievable Rotten Cars: A Shocking Look at the Decay

TLDRExplore the shocking level of decay and rust on these cars, including an MG, Jaguar, and Sierra State. Witness the extent to which these vehicles have deteriorated from the effects of time and the elements. From rotted bodies to missing parts, these cars are a heartbreaking sight. Join us as we document these rare finds and marvel at the incredible level of preservation needed to restore them.

Timestamped Summary

00:02Introduces the shocking level of decay on the cars being showcased.

07:35Highlights the extent of rust and damage on an MG, showcasing the effects of living near the coast.

12:17Examines a deteriorated Jaguar, expressing the rarity and need for restoration.

15:55Explores the incredible level of decay on an XJS and Sierra State.

19:26Reflects on the challenges and costs of restoring a unique Jaguar.