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Turtle Beach Stealth Ultra: The Most Feature-Packed Xbox Controller

TLDRDiscover the Turtle Beach Stealth Ultra, the most feature-packed Xbox controller with durable components, customizability, and a connected command display. Find out if it's worth the $200 price point.

Key insights

💡The Turtle Beach Stealth Ultra is a feature-packed Xbox controller with durable components and a connected command display.

🎮It offers a more customizable and versatile gaming experience compared to standard Xbox controllers.

🚀The hall effect sticks provide precise and reliable control, making them ideal for competitive gaming.

💡The controller features mechanical buttons and back buttons, adding extra functionality and ease of use.

🌈With customizable RGB lighting and various sound modes, the controller offers a visually appealing and immersive gaming experience.


What sets the Turtle Beach Stealth Ultra apart from other Xbox controllers?

The Turtle Beach Stealth Ultra stands out with its durable components, connected command display, and customizable features, providing a more advanced and versatile gaming experience.

Are the hall effect sticks reliable and precise?

Yes, the hall effect sticks are highly precise due to their contactless design, providing accurate control that is ideal for competitive gaming.

What additional functionalities does the Stealth Ultra offer?

The Stealth Ultra features mechanical buttons, back buttons, adjustable triggers, customizable lighting, and various sound modes, enhancing functionality and immersion.

Is the Turtle Beach Stealth Ultra worth the $200 price point?

While the Stealth Ultra is more expensive than standard Xbox controllers, its advanced features and customization options make it a worthwhile investment for dedicated gamers.

Does the Stealth Ultra support wireless connectivity?

Yes, the Stealth Ultra comes with a wireless dongle that allows for wireless connectivity, providing flexibility and convenience during gameplay.

Timestamped Summary

00:00Introducing the Turtle Beach Stealth Ultra, the most feature-packed Xbox controller on the market.

00:22Unboxing and first impressions of the Stealth Ultra, including its design and included accessories.

03:30A deep dive into the controller's design, ergonomics, and comfort.

05:30Exploring the controller's command display and its various settings and functions.

09:30An in-depth look at the hall effect sticks and their precision and reliability for gaming.

11:30Examining the buttons, triggers, and back buttons, and their impact on the gaming experience.

14:30Customization options, including RGB lighting and sound modes, that enhance the visual and audio experience.

16:45Final thoughts on the Turtle Beach Stealth Ultra and its value for gamers.