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Transforming a Gaming Setup with a Virtual Window to Anywhere

TLDRLearn how to create a virtual window to anywhere using three TVs and a gaming computer. With the right setup, you can merge the screens to interact as one, allowing you to watch videos, play games, and more on a large, immersive screen. See how to optimize the setup and add LED lighting for a customized gaming experience.

Key insights

🖥️Transform your gaming setup by merging three TVs into one immersive screen using a gaming computer and NVIDIA graphics card.

🌐Create a virtual window to anywhere by utilizing YouTube or your own video files, and maximize the viewing experience by spanning it across all screens with surround settings.

🔌Solve the issue of separate USB sticks and lack of communication between TVs by connecting them all to a gaming computer and graphics card.

🖼️Make the setup look sleek by hiding cables behind the trim and cutting notches in the drywall, and add LED lighting for a personalized touch.

📺Enhance the functionality of the setup with additional features like an outdoor 4K security camera and adjustable gimbal for different views.


Can I use this setup with any gaming computer?

Yes, as long as your gaming computer has a graphics card that supports multiple monitors.

Do I need to know coding or programming to set this up?

No, the setup can be done through the graphics card settings and software provided by the manufacturer.

Can I watch videos from different sources on the virtual window?

Yes, you can watch videos from YouTube, your own video files, or any other streaming platforms that are compatible with your computer.

What are the advantages of using LED lighting in the setup?

LED lighting can enhance the visual experience by extending the colors from the screen onto the wall, adding ambiance and creating a more immersive gaming environment.

Can I customize the LED lighting effects?

Yes, with the Govi LED lighting system, you can customize the colors, brightness, and effects to match your preference and create your desired gaming atmosphere.

Timestamped Summary

00:00Introduction to the concept of creating a virtual window to anywhere using three TVs and a gaming computer.

01:01Discussion on the flaws of the previous TV window setup and the solution of using a gaming computer and graphics card for improved functionality.

02:00Explanation on how to merge the screens using an NVIDIA graphics card with surround settings, creating a single immersive screen.

03:33Steps to make the setup look sleek by hiding cables and adding LED lighting for a customizable gaming experience.

06:08Installation of an outdoor 4K security camera for additional features and accessibility to outside views on the virtual window.

12:13Building a simple yet stylish shelf to house the gaming computer and complete the gaming setup.

15:29Explanation of how to integrate LED lighting into the gaming setup using Govi products and the Dream View feature.