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Training a Territorial Rottweiler: A Family's Journey to Rehabilitation

TLDRLearn how a family deals with their aggressive Rottweiler after a traumatic break-in, and follow their journey towards rehabilitation and a harmonious pack dynamic.

Key insights

🐕Territorial behavior in dogs can arise after a traumatic event, leading to aggression towards other dogs and even people.

🏠Creating a sense of stability and security in a dog's environment is crucial in treating territorial aggression.

🧑‍🤝‍🧑Establishing clear leadership and communication with the dog can help redirect their aggressive behavior and restore a calm pack dynamic.

🚫Charging behavior in dogs can be dangerous, especially in large and powerful breeds. It requires dedicated training and correction to ensure everyone's safety.

🐾A holistic approach that includes exercise, training, and re-establishing trust can help rehabilitate aggressive dogs and create a harmonious family environment.


Why did the Rottweiler become aggressive after the break-in?

The break-in was a traumatic event that triggered territorial behavior in the Rottweiler, causing him to become aggressive towards other dogs and people.

Is it possible to rehabilitate an aggressive dog?

Yes, with proper training, consistency, and guidance from a professional dog trainer, aggressive dogs can be rehabilitated and their behavior can be redirected.

How can I create a sense of stability for my dog?

Creating a consistent routine, providing a safe and secure environment, and establishing clear leadership can help create a sense of stability for your dog.

Is charging behavior in dogs dangerous?

Charging behavior in dogs, especially in large and powerful breeds, can be dangerous. It requires proper training and correction to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

Can a harmonious pack dynamic be restored?

Yes, by establishing clear leadership, consistent training, and building trust between the dog and the family, a harmonious pack dynamic can be restored.

Timestamped Summary

00:00Meet a family struggling with their aggressive Rottweiler after a traumatic break-in.

08:09Caesar Millan takes Kuma for a walk to observe his aggressive behavior towards other dogs.

12:39Kuma's territorial aggression is addressed, and Caesar discovers Kawana's role in teaching him charging behavior.

13:03Caesar works on correcting Kawana's behavior and helps the family understand her influence on Kuma.

13:57The family learns the importance of clear leadership and communication with Kuma to restore a harmonious pack dynamic.