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The Worst Cars of the 80s: General Motors Edition

TLDRDiscover the worst cars of the 80s from General Motors, categorized by reliability, poor sales, public opinion, and looks. Learn about the Pontiac Lemans, Cadillac Cimarron, Oldsmobile Diesels, Chevy El Camino 5th generation, and more.

Key insights

💔The Pontiac Lemans was a disappointment with poor sales and low performance.

🚫The Cadillac Cimarron suffered from a lack of quality, noise, and unreliable performance.

The Oldsmobile Diesels faced major issues with noise, smoke, starting, and reliability.

🛻The Chevy El Camino 5th generation had a significant drop in sales and failed to live up to its name.

🔄The Chevy Camaro/Fiero faced various problems and did not meet expectations.


Why did the Pontiac Lemans have poor sales?

The Lemans was not well received due to its low performance, fuel efficiency, and lack of originality compared to its predecessor.

What were the major issues with the Cadillac Cimarron?

The Cimarron had poor interior quality, cheap plastics, noise issues, and overall unreliability.

What problems did the Oldsmobile Diesels face?

The Oldsmobile Diesels had noisy engines, black exhaust smoke, trouble starting in cold temperatures, and overall unreliability.

Why did the Chevy El Camino 5th generation perform poorly?

The El Camino 5th generation faced significant drops in sales, lack of popularity, and failed to live up to the reputation of previous El Camino models.

What issues did the Chevy Camaro/Fiero encounter?

The Chevy Camaro/Fiero had various problems, including engine failures, design flaws, and overall dissatisfaction among buyers.

Timestamped Summary

00:00Introduction to the worst cars of the 80s from General Motors.

00:19The history and decline of the Pontiac Lemans.

03:32Overview of the Cadillac Cimarron and its reputation.

06:47Discussion on the issues faced by Oldsmobile Diesels.

09:48Analysis of the Chevy El Camino 5th generation and its sales performance.

13:31Overview of the problems encountered by the Chevy Camaro/Fiero.