The World's Fastest Shoes: Shift Moonwalker Review

TLDRThe Shift Moonwalker shoes are robotic motorized rollerblades that accelerate your walking speed by up to 250%. They work as advertised, providing a controlled rollerblading experience while wearing your normal shoes.

Key insights

👟The Shift Moonwalker shoes are designed to enhance walking speed and provide a rollerblading-like experience.

🚀The shoes use motors and wheels to accelerate the natural walking motion, allowing users to cover more ground.

⚙️The shoes require users to walk with a heel-to-toe motion for the motors to kick in and provide the desired acceleration.

⚖️The shoes offer a controlled rollerblading experience, providing stability and safety while wearing regular shoes.

🌟The Shift Moonwalker shoes deliver on their promise of enhancing walking speed and providing a unique transportation experience.


Do the Shift Moonwalker shoes work with any type of shoe?

Yes, the Shift Moonwalker shoes are designed to be worn with any type of shoe. They strap onto your foot, allowing you to wear your preferred footwear.

What is the maximum speed of the Shift Moonwalker shoes?

The Shift Moonwalker shoes can reach a maximum speed of 5 to 7 miles per hour. However, the speed is controlled and feels more like a controlled rollerblading experience.

Do the motors of the Shift Moonwalker shoes require charging?

Yes, the motors of the Shift Moonwalker shoes require charging. The shoes come with a charging cable for easy recharging.

Can the Shift Moonwalker shoes be used on different terrains?

The Shift Moonwalker shoes are best suited for smooth surfaces such as pavement or indoor spaces. They may not perform well on uneven or rough terrains.

Are the Shift Moonwalker shoes suitable for all ages?

The Shift Moonwalker shoes can be used by individuals of different ages, provided they are comfortable with the rollerblading-like motion and have the necessary mobility.

Timestamped Summary

09:49Introduction to the Shift Moonwalker shoes and their claim to be the world's fastest shoes.

10:31Explanation of the design and functionality of the Shift Moonwalker shoes as robotic motorized rollerblades.

11:08The reviewer's personal experience of trying the Shift Moonwalker shoes and confirming their effectiveness.

11:40Detailed insights on the user experience, including the need for a heel-to-toe walking motion to activate the motors.

12:16The reviewer's conclusion on the Shift Moonwalker shoes, highlighting their ability to provide a unique transportation experience.