The Weirdest and Most Useless Products I Bought Online

TLDRIn this video, the creator reviews and tests out various strange and unnecessary products that he bought online. From hair styling powder to a button-up onesie, he shares his honest thoughts and experiences with each product.

Key insights

🤔Many sponsored posts on social media use manipulative tactics to try and convince viewers to buy their products.

😂The creator has a humorous and sarcastic tone throughout the video, making it entertaining to watch.

💸Some of the products reviewed in the video are quite expensive, raising questions about their value and usefulness.

🙄The creator highlights the ridiculous and unnecessary nature of some of these products, questioning why anyone would actually need them.

📦Online advertisements often target specific interests and hobbies, leading to a flood of similar products being recommended.


Are these products actually useful?

No, many of the products reviewed in the video are considered unnecessary and more of a novelty item.

Did the creator enjoy using any of these products?

While the creator found some amusement in testing out these products, overall, he found them to be strange and not worth the hype.

Are these products worth the price?

The creator questions the high price tags on some of these products, suggesting they may not be worth the investment.

Do sponsored ads on social media really work?

The creator highlights the manipulative tactics used in sponsored ads and expresses skepticism about their effectiveness.

Why does the creator continue to buy and review these products?

The creator finds entertainment and humor in testing out these strange products and sharing his experiences with his audience.

Timestamped Summary

00:00The video begins with the creator expressing his frustration after being stuck in a dryer for 12 days.

00:30The creator introduces a limited edition collectible toy collaboration he worked on, adding humor to the video.

02:45The creator discusses bizarre marketing quotes he has come across, highlighting the absurdity of some advertising campaigns.

05:10The creator tests out a hair styling powder and shares his thoughts on its effectiveness and practicality.

06:00The creator showcases a button-up onesie designed for people working from home, expressing his confusion and skepticism about its purpose.

09:20The creator reviews a jigsaw puzzle that claims to have a solution for every day of the year, expressing his doubts about its promises.

10:30The creator concludes the video by reflecting on the strange products he has reviewed and the challenges of finding genuinely useful items online.