The Weird and Wonderful Flavors of Coffee

TLDRDiscover the unique and surprising flavors of coffee, from garlic to cheese to tomato.

Key insights

🤔Coffee flavors can be unusual and unexpected, ranging from savory to sweet.

😋Some coffee flavors are reminiscent of popular dishes like pizza or spaghetti.

🧄Garlic-flavored coffee exists, but it may not be to everyone's taste.

🧀Cheese-flavored coffee, particularly mozzarella or parmesan, offers a unique combination.

🍅There are also coffee flavors inspired by ingredients like tomato or tomato sauce.


What are some unusual coffee flavors?

Some unusual coffee flavors include garlic, cheese, tomato, and even meaty flavors.

Are these coffee flavors popular?

These flavors may not be as common as traditional coffee flavors, but they offer a unique and adventurous experience for coffee enthusiasts.

Do people enjoy garlic-flavored coffee?

Garlic-flavored coffee is a polarizing flavor, with some people enjoying its unique taste and others finding it unappealing.

Which cheese flavors are used in coffee?

Cheese flavors like mozzarella and parmesan are often used in coffee to create a unique and savory combination.

Are there coffee flavors inspired by other dishes?

Yes, some coffee flavors are inspired by popular dishes like pizza or spaghetti, offering a creative twist to coffee drinking.

Timestamped Summary

02:27The hosts and their guest, Conan Gray, discuss their love for coffee and strange coffee flavors.

05:47They taste the first coffee flavor and try to guess the ingredients and the dish it represents.

08:46They taste the second coffee flavor and attempt to identify the flavors and the dish it resembles.

09:45They taste the third coffee flavor, and Link struggles to guess the flavors and the dish it represents.

12:04The hosts reveal the ingredients and dishes represented by the coffee flavors, including garlic bread and tomato sauce.

14:20They discuss the unique and unexpected flavors of coffee, including savory and meaty options.

17:58The hosts and Conan Gray reflect on their coffee tasting experience and the adventurous nature of trying unusual flavors.