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The Unique and Exquisite Round Door Rolls-Royce: A Masterpiece of Art Deco Design

TLDRDiscover the fascinating world of the renowned Round Door Rolls-Royce, an extraordinary car that showcases art deco design. With its perfect circles and unique hinged doors, this car is a true visual spectacle. Experience the elegance of sitting in the front with a commanding view of the road, and explore the intricate details of its custom coachwork. Learn about the car's journey, from being rescued in a junkyard to its restoration to its former glory. This masterpiece of automotive history is now proudly displayed at the Peterson Automotive Museum in Los Angeles.

Key insights

🚗The Round Door Rolls-Royce features perfectly circular doors that are hinged on both sides, creating a unique and captivating design element.

🛋️Despite its large size and weight, the interior of the Round Door Rolls-Royce is surprisingly comfortable, resembling sitting on a sofa.

🪟The windows of the car are designed to match the uniqueness of the round doors, opening in a fan pattern for added visual appeal.

🛠️The Rolls-Royce chassis was commonly sold separately from the body, allowing owners to choose custom coachwork from different manufacturers.

🏆The Round Door Rolls-Royce won the Pre-Dawn Concours at the Cannes Concours d'Elegance, showcasing its exceptional design and elegance.


Who designed the round door coachwork for the Rolls-Royce?

The round door coachwork for the Rolls-Royce was designed by Yonkira of Belgium, known for their bespoke bodywork during that era.

What is the history behind the Round Door Rolls-Royce?

The car was originally built in 1925 with a four-door cabriolet body by Hooper. It went through various owners and changes before being restored and showcased in its current round door configuration.

What is the weight and length of the Round Door Rolls-Royce?

The Round Door Rolls-Royce weighs around 5,600 pounds and measures almost 20 feet in length.

Can the Round Door Rolls-Royce be driven easily?

Driving the Round Door Rolls-Royce requires some effort due to its weight and size. It is not suitable for tight corners or parallel parking.

Where can I see the Round Door Rolls-Royce today?

The Round Door Rolls-Royce is proudly displayed at the Peterson Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, where visitors can admire its exquisite design and learn about its history.

Timestamped Summary

00:02Introducing the Round Door Rolls-Royce, a car known for its unique and captivating design.

00:30Experience the comfort and elegance of sitting in the front of this 20-foot long, 5600-pound car.

01:57Learn about the process of customizing the bodywork for Rolls-Royce chassis in the 1920s.

03:55Discover the Round Door Rolls-Royce's success at the Pre-Dawn Concours at the Cannes Concours d'Elegance.

04:45Find out how the Round Door Rolls-Royce was rescued from a junkyard and restored to its former glory.