The Ultimate Packing Guide for Traveling with Just a Carryon

TLDRLearn how to travel with just a backpack and pack efficiently for long trips with this comprehensive guide.

Key insights

🎒Traveling with just a carryon backpack is possible for long trips.

🛫Proper planning and organization are key to packing efficiently.

💼Choosing the right backpack with sufficient capacity and compartments is crucial.

🧳Using packing cubes helps keep your clothes organized and maximize space.

🔌Bringing essential travel gear like portable chargers and adapters is essential.


How can I pack enough clothes for a week-long trip with just a carryon backpack?

Using packing cubes and selecting versatile clothing items can help you pack efficiently and have enough outfits for your trip.

What should I consider when choosing a backpack for carryon travel?

Make sure the backpack has sufficient capacity, compartments for organization, and is comfortable to carry.

What essential travel gear should I bring?

Some essential travel gear includes a portable charger, universal travel adapter, and a security cable to secure your bag.

How can I stay organized while traveling with just a carryon backpack?

Utilize packing cubes, pouches, and cord management solutions to keep your belongings organized and easily accessible.

Are there any tips for packing efficiently and saving space?

Rolling clothes, using compression bags, and wearing bulky items instead of packing them can help you save space in your backpack.

Timestamped Summary

00:00Introduction to the video and the goal of providing a packing guide for traveling with just a carryon backpack.

00:59Introduction to the backpack used in the video: Borealis backpack by The North Face.

02:23Demonstration of the various compartments and features of the Borealis backpack.

07:42Discussion of additional security items like the flip belt and security cable.

08:41Recap of the packing list and invitation to check out the Ultimate Gear List in the video description for more details and links.