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The Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Wood Burners

TLDRLearn everything you need to know about outdoor wood burners, from maintenance to loading techniques. Discover how to effectively heat your home with wood and save on heating costs.

Key insights

🔥Outdoor wood burners require regular maintenance, including cleaning out the ash and soot.

🌲Seasoned hardwood is the best fuel to use in outdoor wood burners for optimal efficiency.

🌡️Hot coals in the firebox help maintain a consistent temperature and reduce the need for frequent refills.

💰Using an outdoor wood burner can significantly reduce heating costs compared to other fuel sources.

Loading the wood burner with wood in the morning and evening ensures a steady supply of heat throughout the day and night.


How often should I clean out the ash and soot from the wood burner?

It is recommended to clean out the ash and soot from the wood burner at least once a week for optimal performance.

What type of wood should I use as fuel?

Seasoned hardwood, such as oak or maple, is the best type of wood to use as fuel in outdoor wood burners.

How many pieces of wood should I load into the wood burner?

The number of wood pieces to load depends on the weather and desired heat output. Start with 10-12 pieces and adjust as needed.

Can I use softwood as fuel in the wood burner?

It is not recommended to use softwood like pine or hemlock as fuel in outdoor wood burners due to their higher moisture content and lower heat efficiency.

Will using an outdoor wood burner save me money on heating costs?

Yes, using an outdoor wood burner can save you money on heating costs, as wood is generally cheaper than other fuel sources.

Timestamped Summary

00:00Introduction: The narrator introduces the topic of outdoor wood burners and highlights the importance of understanding the maintenance and loading techniques.

00:09Cleaning out the ash: The narrator demonstrates how to clean out the ash from the wood burner and explains the benefits of keeping the firebox clean.

00:28Choosing the right wood: The narrator discusses the importance of using seasoned hardwood as the best fuel for outdoor wood burners.

04:13Loading the wood burner: The narrator explains the process of loading the wood burner and advises on the optimal number of wood pieces to use.

06:58Using slabs as additional fuel: The narrator demonstrates how to use seasoned slabs from a sawmill as additional fuel on top of the wood pieces.

09:48Nighttime loading: The narrator shows how to load the wood burner in the evening for overnight burning and emphasizes the importance of a hot bed of coals for efficient heating.

12:23Disposing of ashes: The narrator spreads the ashes from the wood burner in the garden, discussing the benefits of using ash as fertilizer for plants.

14:25Conclusion and future videos: The narrator concludes the video, expressing enthusiasm for creating more content about outdoor wood burners and inviting viewers to subscribe to the channel.