The Ultimate Guide to Navigating My YouTube Channel in 2023

TLDRStarting this year, I will focus on Forex trading and provide commentary on the dollar index, euro dollar, British pound, and index futures. I will conduct two live streams per week with real-time price feed. Subscribe to my Twitter for alerts and updates.

Key insights

🔑Start with the Market Maker Primer course, followed by the Market Maker series and Pattern Recognition series.

🚀Geometry High Probability Scanning is a crucial course to take for effective trading.

📚The Scout Sniper Basic Field Guide provides valuable lessons for Forex trading.

📅The Core Content Lessons span from month one to month seven and cover important trading concepts.

💼I will focus primarily on index futures trading and provide daily commentary and live streams.


Will you provide a signal service?

No, I will not provide a signal service. My live sessions are for educational purposes and to share my perspective on the market.

Do I need to join other platforms like Discord or Telegram for mentoring?

No, all the resources and mentoring will be provided on YouTube. I will not invite you to other platforms.

Are there future mentorship programs planned?

No, there are no future mentorship programs planned. I will focus on providing free educational content and writing books.

Can I expect an upsell or additional paid services?

No, everything you will learn from me this year is free. The only paid content will be my upcoming books, but they are optional.

How often will you provide commentary and live streams?

I will provide commentary every day from Monday to Friday for index futures. Live streams will be conducted twice a week, where I will share real-time price feed with teaching and analysis.

Timestamped Summary

00:49Start with the Market Maker Primer course to lay the foundation for Forex trading.

02:22Forex trading will primarily focus on the dollar index, euro dollar, British pound, and index futures.

03:08Live streams will be provided twice a week with real-time price feed and analysis.

03:49Subscribe to my Twitter for alerts and updates on live sessions and schedule changes.

06:58Live sessions will not involve trading signals, but I will provide market commentary and analysis.

09:49My official Twitter account will be used for updates and alerts related to my YouTube channel.

18:16Expect free educational content throughout the year without any upsells or paid services.

24:51The market showed precision and balance in its price movements, following established levels.