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The Ultimate Gaming Console: Exploring the AliExpress Super XG1

TLDRThe AliExpress Super XG1 promises over 120,000 games in a single console, but is it worth the price? Join us as we take a closer look at this gaming system and its features.

Key insights

🕹️The AliExpress Super XG1 offers a vast library of retro games, making it perfect for gaming enthusiasts.

💰With a price tag of $1000, the Super XG1 may not be the most affordable gaming console option on the market.

🎮The included controllers, while functional, may not offer the best gaming experience due to their design and features.

📺The Super XG1 supports 4K output, promising a high-quality gaming experience for those with compatible displays.

🔌The Super XG1 requires a power brick that consumes approximately 150 watts, which is comparable to a mid-tier gaming laptop.


Are the included games legal?

The legality of the games included with the Super XG1 is uncertain, as many of them are classic retro games that may still be covered by copyright laws.

Can I add more games to the console?

Yes, it is possible to add more games to the Super XG1 through various methods, such as transferring ROM files to the console.

Does the console support multiplayer gaming?

Yes, the Super XG1 supports multiplayer gaming with its included controllers, allowing you to enjoy gaming sessions with friends and family.

What is the performance of the Super XG1 like?

The performance of the Super XG1 may vary depending on the game being played, but it generally offers a decent gaming experience for retro and older games.

Is the Super XG1 value for money?

This ultimately depends on your personal preferences and budget. While it offers a large library of games, the price tag may be steep for some, especially considering other gaming console options available.

Timestamped Summary

00:00Introduction to the AliExpress Super XG1 and its promise of over 120,000 games.

08:30Exploring the included controllers and their design and features.

12:00Reviewing the specifications of the Super XG1, including its 4K output and power requirements.

18:20Discussing the legality of the included games and the possibility of adding more games to the console.

23:45Examining the multiplayer gaming capabilities of the Super XG1 and its performance in different games.

30:15Considering the value for money of the Super XG1 and comparing it to other gaming console options.