This article is a summary of a YouTube video "2023 FORD F-350 XL WITH CUSTOM INTERIOR,, CUSTOM WRAP, 4" WICKED SUSPENSION LIFT AND AMERICAN FORCES" by Wicked Suspension

The Ultimate Custom Ford F350 XL: A Unique and Affordable Build

TLDRIn this video, we showcase a one-off custom Ford F350 XL that was built on a budget. This truck features a stunning Lunar Rock wrap, a wicked suspension lift, custom LED headlights, and a fully customized interior. With a price tag of around $62,000 to $67,000, this XL proves that you don't need to break the bank to have a unique and impressive build.

Key insights

🔥The 2023 Ford F350 XL is a base model truck that offers an affordable starting point for customization.

💪This F350 XL received a 4-inch Wicked Suspension lift, giving it an aggressive stance and improved off-road capability.

🌈The truck features a Lunar Rock wrap, which is a unique and eye-catching color.

💡Retro Customs added LED OEM headlights and grill trim to enhance the truck's appearance and functionality.

💺The interior of this F350 XL received a complete customization, including the doors, dashboard, seats, and center console.


How much does this customized Ford F350 XL cost?

The price of this truck, including all the customization, is between $62,000 and $67,000.

What is the benefit of starting with an XL trim for customization?

The XL trim offers the necessary features and a more affordable price compared to higher-end trims, making it a great building block for a custom build.

What suspension lift was installed on this F350 XL?

This truck received a 4-inch Wicked Suspension lift, providing it with an aggressive look and improved off-road capability.

What is the significance of the Lunar Rock wrap?

The Lunar Rock wrap is a unique color that adds a distinctive and eye-catching element to the truck's exterior.

Who did the customizations on the interior of this F350 XL?

The interior customizations, including the doors, dashboard, seats, and center console, were done by a professional.

Timestamped Summary

00:00Introduction to a one-off custom Ford F350 XL built on a budget.

00:18Unique features of this F350 XL, including the Lunar Rock wrap and custom LED headlights.

01:11Details of the Wicked Suspension 4-inch lift, improving the truck's off-road capability.

02:00A closer look at the fully customized interior of the F350 XL.

02:39The cost of this custom build and the affordability of the XL trim as a starting point.