This article is a summary of a YouTube video "40,000V TASER POTATO (World's Worst Party Game)" by Hacksmith Industries

The Shocking Taser Potato Game

TLDRExperience the thrill of the Taser Potato game, where participants pass around a potato that delivers an electric shock randomly. The game involves catching the potato without getting zapped. The shocking experience intensifies as the game progresses.

Key insights

😱The Taser Potato game involves passing around a potato that delivers electric shocks randomly.

⚡️The potato is electrified with multiple contacts, increasing the chances of getting shocked.

🔀An Arduino-based circuit randomizes when the potato zaps, adding suspense and surprise to the game.

💥The electric shocks are stronger and more frequent as the game progresses, making it more challenging and thrilling.

🏆The last person holding the potato without getting shocked wins the game.


How does the Taser Potato game work?

The Taser Potato game involves passing around a potato with electric contacts. An Arduino-based circuit randomizes when the shocks occur.

Are the electric shocks dangerous?

The electric shocks can be painful but are not life-threatening. However, caution should be taken to ensure safe gameplay.

Can the Taser Potato game be played with multiple people?

Yes, the Taser Potato game is designed for group play. The thrill intensifies as more participants join the game.

Is the Taser Potato game suitable for children?

The game involves electric shocks and may not be suitable for young children. Adult supervision is advised.

Where can I play the Taser Potato game?

The Taser Potato game can be played at conventions and events. Check the description for upcoming events.

Timestamped Summary

00:11Introducing the Taser Potato game and the motivation behind making a video about it.

00:42Explaining the concept of the Taser Potato game, which involves passing around a potato that delivers electric shocks.

01:24Detailed explanation of how the electric shocks work in the Taser Potato game.

02:44Adding a temporary seal to the Taser Potato prototype and discussing future improvements.

04:27Description of the electronic components used in the Taser Potato circuit.

06:42Discussion on the idea of using metal plates as conduits for the Taser Potato contacts.

08:05Testing the Taser Potato with different configurations and discussing safety precautions.

09:41Explaining the randomizer circuit and its effect on the timing and intensity of the shocks.

10:13Testing the Taser Potato with stronger shocks and shorter intervals between zaps.

11:53Discussion on the challenge of pressing the button when knowing the shock is imminent.

13:33Engaging in a hot potato game with the electrified Taser Potato.

15:49Announcement of the team's participation in Fan Expo and invitation to join.