The Shocking Condition of a Wrecked 2019 Honda CBR Revealed

TLDRThis video reveals the extensive damage to a wrecked 2019 Honda CBR that was salvaged and rebuilt. The bike has suffered rear end and front end damage, including a cracked frame and broken subframe. The condition of the bike raises questions about its legality and safety.

Key insights

🛠️The wrecked Honda CBR has extensive damage to both the rear end and front end.

💥The bike's frame is cracked, raising concerns about its structural integrity.

🔧The bike's subframe is broken, further compromising its stability.

⚠️The bike was salvaged and rebuilt, raising questions about its legality and safety.

💸Despite its damaged condition, the bike still retains some aftermarket features and accessories.


What caused the extensive damage to the bike?

The bike was involved in a rear end collision, resulting in significant damage to the rear and front end.

Is the cracked frame a common issue with Honda CBR bikes?

While not a common issue, some owners have reported cracked frames, possibly due to excessive stress or poor welding.

Is the bike safe to ride after being salvaged and rebuilt?

The bike's condition raises concerns about its safety and structural integrity. It is recommended to have a professional inspection before riding.

Can the bike be repaired?

Yes, it is possible to repair the bike, but it would require extensive and costly repairs, including frame repair or replacement.

What aftermarket features and accessories does the bike still have?

The bike still has some aftermarket features and accessories, including an optional quick shifter and wheelie control.

Timestamped Summary

00:08The video begins with the presenter introducing the wrecked 2019 Honda CBR and revealing the extensive damage it has sustained.

01:00The presenter explains that the bike was involved in a rear end collision, resulting in rear end damage and some cosmetic damage to the front and sides.

03:40The presenter discusses the bike's title history, revealing that it was salvaged, passed through multiple insurance companies, and rebuilt as a 'rebuild title.'

06:00The presenter inspects the bike's frame and subframe, pointing out the extensive damage and raising concerns about their integrity.

09:00The presenter examines other areas of the bike, highlighting additional damage and discussing the bike's aftermarket features and accessories.

12:00The presenter expresses concerns about the condition of the bike and its legality and safety, concluding the video.