The Rise and Fall of the Apple Card: A Comprehensive Analysis

TLDRThe Apple Card, once seen as a potential savior for Apple, is now facing challenges as its partner wants to back out of the deal. This video explores why Apple ventured into the credit card industry and what went wrong. It also discusses the future of Apple's subscription services and potential hardware offerings.

Key insights

💳Apple introduced the Apple Card to capitalize on transaction fees and bolster their subscription services.

📉Goldman Sachs, the bank behind the Apple Card, wants to exit the deal early due to financial losses.

💸Apple's subscription services, like Apple Music, are growing and becoming a significant part of their revenue.

📱💻Apple is working on new hardware, including the anticipated launch of Vision Pro and a potential hardware subscription offering.

🤔Apple's aggressive entry into some markets doesn't always result in success, as seen with the mixed reception of their subscription services.


Why did Apple venture into the credit card industry?

Apple aimed to capitalize on transaction fees and diversify their revenue stream beyond hardware sales.

Why does Goldman Sachs want to back out of the Apple Card deal?

Goldman Sachs is experiencing significant financial losses and wants to exit the partnership to minimize further damage.

Which of Apple's subscription services are performing well?

Apple Music is a dominant force in the music streaming industry and is a strong competitor to Spotify.

What new hardware can we expect from Apple?

Apple is set to release Vision Pro, an AR/VR mixed reality platform, and is rumored to experiment with a hardware subscription offering.

Why don't all of Apple's subscription services receive the same level of enthusiasm?

While some services like Apple Music have been successful, others like Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade have not gained widespread popularity.

Timestamped Summary

00:00Introduction to the Apple Card and its previous flops

09:14Apple's motive for entering the credit card industry

05:55Goldman Sachs wants to end the Apple Card deal due to financial losses

06:58Apple's growing subscription services

08:08Future hardware offerings from Apple

08:39Apple's mixed success in the subscription services market