This article is a summary of a YouTube video "reMarkable 2 - 2 Years Later" by Vladimir Kostek

The Remarkable 2: The Perfect Tool for a Distraction-Free Workflow

TLDRThe Remarkable 2 is a sleek and minimalist device that enhances productivity by replacing notebooks and reducing distractions. While it lacks some features like a backlight and easy ebook access, it excels at providing a disconnected pen-and-paper experience. The device is lightweight, has improved battery life, and offers a paper-like feel when writing. It can sync and back up notes through multiple platforms. The Remarkable 2 is a premium device that is perfect for those seeking a distraction-free creative process.

Key insights

💡The Remarkable 2 is a valuable tool for those who prefer a pen-and-paper experience in a digital format.

📚The device replaces the need for physical notebooks, allowing for a more organized workflow and efficient note-taking.

⚡️The Remarkable 2 lacks a backlight, which can be a drawback for reading in low-light environments.

🔄Syncing and backing up notes can be done through various platforms, making it easy to access and share content.

✍️While the device supports sketching, some users may find the experience more intuitive on other devices with more advanced drawing features.


Is the Remarkable 2 worth the price?

Yes, if you value a distraction-free creative process and prefer the pen-and-paper experience while benefiting from digital organization.

Can I read ebooks on the Remarkable 2?

While the device supports reading, it lacks a backlight and may not be the ideal choice for dedicated ebook consumption.

What is the battery life of the Remarkable 2?

The Remarkable 2 has improved battery life compared to its predecessor but may vary depending on usage patterns.

Can I sync and back up my notes?

Yes, the Remarkable 2 offers multiple ways to sync and back up notes, including smartphone apps, browser extensions, and cloud storage integration.

Is the Remarkable 2 suitable for sketching?

While the Remarkable 2 supports sketching, users may find other devices with more advanced drawing features to be more intuitive for their artistic needs.

Timestamped Summary

00:00The Remarkable 2 is a valuable tool for a distraction-free creative workflow, replacing physical notebooks.

03:41The Remarkable 2 lacks a backlight and is smaller than some alternatives, but it fits in travel pockets easily.

07:29The software of the Remarkable 2 has improved over time, with features like OCR and syncing across devices.

09:55The Remarkable 2 is a premium device with a sturdy metallic construction and a paper-like feel for writing.

12:55The Remarkable 2 offers a unique pen-and-paper experience, making it ideal for a distraction-free creative process.