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The Reality of Autonomous Vehicles: My Personal Experience and Insights

TLDRAutonomous vehicles are not as advanced as touted, with Tesla's full self-driving beta at stage two. The reliance on cameras and ultrasonic sensors instead of lidar has led to increased crashes. Despite this, I still believe in the potential of AI and am involved in AI applications.

Key insights

🚗Autonomous vehicles, including Tesla's full self-driving beta, are only at stage two of vehicle autonomy.

📷Tesla's decision to remove ultrasonic sensors and rely on cameras has resulted in increased crashes and unreliable self-driving capabilities.

Despite the setbacks, I still believe in the potential of AI and am heavily involved in emerging AI applications.


Are autonomous vehicles safe?

While there is potential for autonomous vehicles to be safer than human drivers, current self-driving technologies are not yet reliable and have led to an increase in accidents.

Why did Tesla remove ultrasonic sensors?

Tesla removed ultrasonic sensors to cut costs, despite the impact it has had on the self-driving capabilities of their vehicles.

Do you still believe in the potential of AI?

Yes, I am still a firm believer in the potential of AI and am actively involved in developing and applying AI technologies in various industries.

Will autonomous vehicles become a reality in the near future?

While the development of autonomous vehicles is progressing, it is unlikely that fully autonomous vehicles will become widespread in the near future due to technological limitations and safety concerns.

What are the current limitations of autonomous vehicles?

Current limitations of autonomous vehicles include the inability to handle complex driving situations, reliance on human intervention, and the challenges of navigating unpredictable road conditions.

Timestamped Summary

00:00Introduction to the reality of autonomous vehicles and personal experience.

08:32Testing Tesla's full self-driving beta and encountering issues with its effectiveness and safety.

11:17Personal involvement in AI technology and belief in its potential.