The Power of Shot GPT: Researching Keywords and Backlinks

TLDRLearn how to research keywords and backlinks using Shot GPT and Open AI's amazing tools. Get insights into column names, backlink dates, and the importance of analyzing data. See a simple demonstration of the software and discover how it can help you gather important information. Join the journey to make money online and stay tuned for exciting updates!

Key insights

💡Shot GPT and Open AI provide valuable tools for keyword and backlink research.

🔎Understanding column names and backlink dates is crucial for accurate analysis.

📊Analyzing data can be challenging but yields important insights.

🌐Shot GPT helps retrieve link data and extract important information.

💻A demonstration of the software showcases its capabilities and keyword scanning process.


What are the key features of Shot GPT and Open AI for keyword research?

Shot GPT and Open AI offer tools for researching keywords and extracting link data, providing valuable insights for analysis.

Why is understanding column names and backlink dates important?

Understanding column names and backlink dates helps in organizing and analyzing data accurately, leading to more valuable insights.

What challenges arise when analyzing data for keyword research?

Analyzing data for keyword research can be challenging due to the volume of keywords, but Shot GPT simplifies the process and helps capture the most important data.

How does Shot GPT retrieve link data and extract information?

Shot GPT utilizes its capabilities to retrieve link data from YouTube and extract key information, enabling thorough analysis and research.

What is demonstrated in the video regarding keyword scanning?

The video showcases a simple demonstration of how Shot GPT's software scans keywords and gathers important data for analysis, offering insight into the process.

Timestamped Summary

00:00Anas introduces the topic of researching keywords and backlinks using Shot GPT and Open AI's tools.

01:22Anas explains the process of scanning keywords and the number of keywords he has to analyze.

01:35Anas demonstrates how Shot GPT loads YouTube and retrieves link data for analysis.

02:57Anas discusses the importance of finding websites linking to YouTube channels.

03:24Anas shares his plans of building an automation tool for publishing videos on different services.