The Overpowering Fortuna Kit in Bedwars (Patch Notes Update)

TLDRDespite a recent nerf to the Fortuna kit in Bedwars, it still remains an incredibly powerful kit. With reduced card damage and decreased HP, the kit is well-balanced and still highly effective. Join me as I test the kit's strength and discover if it's still worthy of being called my baby.

Key insights

🔥The Fortuna kit in Bedwars has recently been nerfed.

💪Despite the nerf, the Fortuna kit remains highly powerful and effective.

🏆I put the kit to the test and discovered it is still remarkably strong.

😱The reduced card damage and HP of the Fortuna kit provide a balanced gameplay experience.

🔒Despite its power, the kit can still be countered with strategic gameplay.


Has the Fortuna kit been nerfed?

Yes, the Fortuna kit has undergone a nerf in the recent patch notes.

Is the Fortuna kit still powerful?

Despite the nerf, the Fortuna kit remains highly effective and strong in Bedwars gameplay.

How does the reduced card damage affect the Fortuna kit?

The reduced card damage provides a more balanced gameplay experience without compromising the strength of the kit.

Can the Fortuna kit be countered?

Yes, strategic gameplay and counter-play can effectively neutralize the power of the Fortuna kit.

Is the Fortuna kit still your favorite?

Absolutely! Despite the changes, the Fortuna kit continues to hold a special place in my heart.

Timestamped Summary

00:00Introduction to the recent nerf of the Fortuna kit in Bedwars.

01:18Discussing the reduced card damage and HP of the Fortuna kit.

03:02Putting the Fortuna kit to the test in Bedwars gameplay.

06:47Exploring the ability to counter the Fortuna kit with strategic gameplay.

09:21Final thoughts on the continued strength and appeal of the Fortuna kit.