This article is a summary of a YouTube video "I Tried a YouTube Guru's $160 Keyboard... (So You Don't Have To.) @aliabdaal" by Hipyo Tech

The Most Productive Keyboard Ever? A Comprehensive Review

TLDRIn this video, we review a new keyboard launched by productivity expert Ali Abdall. We explore the marketing claims, features, and ergonomics to determine if this keyboard lives up to its promise of enhancing productivity.

Key insights

🔑The keyboard is designed by Ali Abdall, a productivity expert who aims to create tech and productivity accessories to enhance the working and studying experience.

💰The keyboard is priced at $159, positioning it in the mid-range market. However, there are budget alternatives that offer similar features at a lower price.

⌨️The keyboard features Gateron Yellow switches, known for their smooth linear action. It also comes with stock stabilizers, which provide a decent typing experience.

📦The keyboard comes in two colors, cobalt blue and coral orange, and utilizes a plastic case. While the design is visually appealing, it lacks premium build materials.

🤔Despite the claims of being a productivity tool, the keyboard offers no exceptional features or ergonomics that would significantly enhance productivity.


Who is Ali Abdall?

Ali Abdall is a YouTube productivity specialist, former doctor, and book writer. He has also launched a range of courses focused on productivity.

What is the price of the keyboard?

The keyboard is priced at $159, positioning it as a mid-range option. However, there are budget alternatives available with similar features.

What switches does the keyboard use?

The keyboard features Gateron Yellow switches, known for their smooth linear action and satisfying typing experience.

Does the keyboard have programmable macros?

Yes, the keyboard comes with programmable macros, allowing users to customize the functions of certain keys.

Is the keyboard suitable for gaming?

While the keyboard can be used for gaming, it does not offer any special gaming features. There are other keyboards on the market specifically designed for gaming.

Timestamped Summary

00:00Introduction: Alfred discusses feeling unproductive and the keyboard introduced by Ali Abdall.

01:20Exploring Ali Abdall's marketing claims and brand positioning as a tech and productivity brand.

05:59Unboxing the keyboard and analyzing its design, including the keycap color options and plastic case.

07:20Reviewing the key switches and stabilizers used in the keyboard.

09:35Comparing the keyboard's price to other options on the market and questioning its value proposition.

12:38Discussing the keyboard's sound profile and teasing a teardown for further analysis.