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The MG Midget Story: A Journey Through Seven Decades

TLDRThe MG Midget is a classic and affordable open-top sports car that has captivated car enthusiasts for seven decades. From its humble beginnings in Oxfordshire to its conquest of America, the MG Midget has a rich history and a loyal fan base.

Key insights

🚗The MG Midget is a simple and affordable two-seater sports car that provides open-top thrills.

🌍The MG Midget has a global appeal, with significant sales in North America and export orders to various countries.

🏎️The MG Midget has been loved by weekend tinkerers, American G.I.'s, and F1 racers throughout its history.

🏁The MG Midget has a rich racing heritage, with notable victories and famous drivers behind the wheel.

💯The MG Midget's enduring popularity is a testament to its timeless design, affordability, and fun driving experience.


When was the first MG Midget introduced?

The first MG Midget, known as the M-Type, was introduced in 1928.

Which market played a significant role in the success of the MG Midget?

The North American market, particularly the USA, played a significant role in the success of the MG Midget.

What was the relationship between Austin and the MG Midget?

Austin had a relationship with the Healey Motor Company and produced the Austin-Healey Sprite, which shared similarities with the MG Midget.

Did the MG Midget have a racing presence?

Yes, the MG Midget had a strong racing presence and achieved success in various competitions, including wins at Sebring.

When did production of the MG Midget end?

Production of the MG Midget ended in 1979, after selling over 350,000 vehicles.

Timestamped Summary

00:20The MG Midget is all about fun! It's a simple, cheap little car that promises open-top thrills.

01:00The original Midget, known as the M-Type, was introduced in 1928 as an affordable open-top two-seater sports car.

02:19Production of the T-type, which was later badged as the MG Midget, started up again after the Second World War and gained popularity, especially in North America.

03:00The Sprite, designed around BMC's Austin A35, became the successor of the old T-type Midget and was sold alongside the MG Midget.

04:26The MK I Midget competed against the Triumph Spitfire, with both cars affectionately called 'Spridgets' by customers.

05:24The MK III Midget introduced a larger 1.3L engine and enjoyed healthy sales in the UK, USA, and Canada.

07:01The MK III Midget received cosmetic changes for the US market, including wind-down windows and exterior door handles with locks.

10:32The MG Midget 1500 was introduced in 1974, featuring a more powerful 1500cc engine and plastic bumper blocks to comply with US safety regulations.