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The Meta CrossRayband Smart Glasses: A Tech Lover's Dream!

TLDRThe Meta CrossRayband Smart Glasses are a must-have for tech enthusiasts. They offer a combination of style, comfort, and groundbreaking features like an ultrawide camera and open-ear audio. With easy setup and intuitive touch controls, these glasses make capturing photos and videos a breeze. Plus, the personalized AI assistant allows for hands-free interaction. Get ready to experience the future of smart eyewear!

Key insights

🕶️The Meta CrossRayband Smart Glasses are one of the most innovative tech products of this year.

📸The glasses feature an ultrawide camera that captures photos and records 1080p videos.

🎧Open-ear audio technology allows for immersive sound without blocking the surrounding noise.

Quick and easy setup with the Meta View app for seamless integration with your devices.

📱The glasses come with a built-in AI assistant for convenient voice control and hands-free operation.


How long does it take to fully charge the glasses?

The glasses can be fully charged in approximately 3.5 hours.

Are the glasses water-resistant?

Yes, the glasses have an IPX4 water resistance rating, making them suitable for workouts and light rain.

Can I use the glasses with prescription lenses?

Yes, the glasses offer prescription lens options for those who require vision correction.

Do the glasses have noise-canceling capabilities?

No, the glasses feature open-ear audio, allowing you to hear your surroundings while enjoying immersive sound.

How long does the battery last on a single charge?

The glasses can provide up to 8 hours of use on a single charge.

Timestamped Summary

00:00Introduction to the Meta CrossRayband Smart Glasses, highlighting their popularity and unique features.

02:30Unboxing and setup process, showcasing the sleek design and ease of use.

06:15Discussion on the camera capabilities of the glasses, including photo and video quality.

09:20Exploration of the open-ear audio technology, its benefits, and limitations.

12:45Overview of the Meta View app and its features for controlling the glasses and accessing AI assistant.