The Magnificent Meteora: Exploring Greece's Monasteries On A Day Trip

TLDRDiscover the stunning beauty of Meteora, a small area in northern Greece known for its monasteries built on top of unique rock formations. Find out how to visit Meteora as a day trip from Athens and why it is worth your time and money.

Key insights

💫Meteora is a small area in northern Greece, famous for its monasteries built on top of beautiful rock formations.

🚆It is recommended to take an organized day trip from Athens to visit Meteora, as it is a long ride and can be costly if you rent a car.

🌄The highlight of visiting Meteora is the breathtaking views of the unique rock formations and the monasteries perched on top.

👗There is a strict dress code to enter the monasteries, with no sleeveless shirts or shorts for men, and long skirts or dresses for women.

📷Meteora is a great spot for photography and drone enthusiasts, offering stunning panoramic views and unique landscapes.


How do I get to Meteora from Athens?

It is recommended to take an organized day trip from Athens, which usually includes transportation by train and a guided tour of the monasteries.

What is the cost of visiting Meteora?

The cost of visiting Meteora as a day trip from Athens is around 130 Euros per person, including transportation and entrance fees to the monasteries.

Can I visit the monasteries inside?

No, tours are not allowed inside the monasteries. However, you will have plenty of time to explore the exterior and enjoy the stunning views.

What is the best time to visit Meteora?

The best time to visit Meteora is during spring or autumn when the weather is mild and the tourist crowds are smaller. Winter can be cold, and summer can be crowded.

How many monasteries can I visit in one day?

On a day trip to Meteora, you usually visit three of the six monasteries. The specific monasteries may vary depending on the tour operator and availability.

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00:00Introduction to the video and the topic of visiting Meteora as a day trip from Athens.

00:16The narrator mentions receiving comments about tour information in Athens and invites viewers to contact them directly for details.

00:30Explanation of what Meteora is and how it is located in northern Greece near the city of Kalabaka.

00:53Recommendation to take an organized day trip to Meteora instead of renting a car for the long and expensive journey.

01:19The narrator shares their personal experience of going on a tour to Meteora to provide an example of how it works.

02:11Explanation of how to get to the train station in Athens and specific instructions for finding the train to Kalabaka.

03:36Arrival in Kalabaka and instructions for finding the bus to the monasteries. Mention of a quick stop at a bakery/restaurant for a snack.

04:44Arrival at the first monastery, with emphasis on enjoying the views and surroundings before entering the buildings.

05:40Important dress code information for entering the monasteries, including restrictions on clothing for both men and women.

06:28Recommendation to bring a drone for photography enthusiasts, as the views and landscapes in Meteora are perfect for aerial shots.

08:16Conclusion and invitation to watch other videos about day trips from Athens.