This article is a summary of a YouTube video "How to Learn to Code FAST (Do This or Keep Struggling)" by Andy Sterkowitz

The Key to Learning to Code Faster

TLDRLearn to code faster by following these principles of deliberate practice, attacking weaknesses, and managing your energy levels.

Key insights

🎯Deliberate practice with clear and well-defined goals is key to rapid skill development.

🔁Repeating drills and addressing weaknesses directly helps improve specific skills.

😴Taking breaks and getting quality sleep are essential for maintaining focus and productivity.

💡Utilize diffuse thinking by taking breaks to allow your brain to problem-solve and be creative in the background.

Manage your energy levels by treating your brain and mind like an athlete's body, with short but intense training sessions.


Is programming all about patience?

No, programming requires more than just persistence. It's about practicing the right way and doing the right things.

Does the 10,000 hour rule apply to learning to code?

The 10,000 hour rule only works if you practice in the optimal way. Deliberate practice is key to rapid skill improvement.

How can I improve my understanding of difficult concepts like closures in JavaScript?

Identify your weaknesses and focus on specific issues. Use resources like coding interview questions to practice and improve your understanding.

Can I learn to code faster by working longer hours?

Maximizing effort requires effective energy management. Getting enough sleep and taking regular breaks are crucial for optimal performance.

What is diffuse thinking?

Diffuse thinking is when your brain continues to problem-solve and be creative in the background, even when you're not actively thinking about it.

Timestamped Summary

00:00Programmers should discard the belief that programming is solely about patience, as it requires more than persistence.

03:04Deliberate practice is key to rapid skill development, which involves setting clear goals and focusing on specific issues.

05:31Address weaknesses directly and practice drills repeatedly to improve specific skills, such as understanding closures in JavaScript.

07:31Optimal performance in learning to code requires effective energy management, including getting enough sleep and taking regular breaks.

09:41Utilize diffuse thinking by taking breaks, allowing your brain to problem-solve and be creative in the background.