The Journey of Building My Dream Home

TLDRFollow along as I document the process of building my dream home, from selecting flowers and trees for the yard to completing the interior design and furnishings. I share key insights, answer common questions, and provide timestamped summaries of each step along the way.

Key insights

🌳Choosing the perfect plants and trees to create a beautiful yard

🧹Learning valuable lessons from professional cleaning workers

⚙️DIY projects and getting help from family for cost-saving measures

🌞Enjoying outings and exploring the neighborhood

🍽️Discovering new food places and enjoying home-cooked meals


How did you choose the plants and trees for your yard?

I visited a tree market and selected plants and trees that met landscaping standards.

Did you hire professional cleaning workers?

Yes, I hired professional cleaning workers to do the thorough cleaning after construction.

How did you save costs during the construction process?

I opted for DIY projects and enlisted the help of my family for tasks that required additional manpower.

What did you do during your outings?

I explored the neighborhood, watched magic performances, and enjoyed delicious meals.

What was your experience with home-cooked meals?

I discovered new brunch places, coffee shops, and even learned to enjoy eating alone.

Timestamped Summary

00:18Visited a tree market to select plants and trees for the yard.

02:36Hired professional cleaning workers to do thorough cleaning after construction.

03:42Engaged in DIY projects and sought help from family to save costs.

04:21Went on outings to explore the neighborhood and enjoy magic performances and delicious meals.

09:00Explored new food places and learned to enjoy home-cooked meals.

10:54Continued the construction process, including internal silicone work.

14:12Completed exterior work, including deck installation and rainwater gutter installation.

18:56Attended book talks and found inspiration for facing difficulties in the home-building process.