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The Incredible Capabilities of ChatGPT: From Writing Video Games to Organizing Your Life

TLDRChatGPT is an amazing tool with the ability to do a wide range of tasks, from writing video games to helping with mathematical research. It can perform tasks in a zero-shot manner, has common sense, and can even organize files. It promises to be a trustworthy co-author and a helpful colleague in the future.

Key insights

🎮ChatGPT can help create video games without writing code, making it a powerful tool in game development.

🧮It can assist in mathematical research, generating intelligent questions and even providing answers.

🗄️With its common sense and organization skills, ChatGPT can categorize files and help reduce clutter.


Can ChatGPT create video games without coding?

Yes, ChatGPT can help create video games without the need for coding skills.

How does ChatGPT assist in mathematical research?

ChatGPT can generate intelligent questions and answers related to mathematical research, making it a valuable tool for mathematicians.

Can ChatGPT organize files?

Yes, ChatGPT has the ability to categorize files and help reduce clutter.

Timestamped Summary

00:00ChatGPT has incredible capabilities, acting as an engineer, a scholar, and an assistant to organize your life.

01:10Through experiments, it is demonstrated that ChatGPT can perform tasks like opening a fridge, handling delicate objects, and organizing sushi.

02:08Good news! ChatGPT can perform everyday tasks without being specifically trained for them.

03:46ChatGPT can help create video games without requiring any coding skills, allowing for quick iterations and improvements.

04:43In addition to game development, ChatGPT can explain mathematical concepts, assist in research, and even generate intelligent questions.