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The First Fully Electric Porsche Maan: A New Generation of SUVs

TLDRThe new Maan is Porsche's first fully electric SUV, marking a shift from combustion engines to electric power. It offers a range of up to 380+ miles and comes in two models: the Maan 4 and the more powerful Maan turbo. The design showcases a sporty and modern aesthetic, with features like frameless doors and sleek LED lights. The interior features a three-screen concept, with a curved driver display and two 11-inch displays. Overall, the Maan represents a new era for Porsche, combining performance and sustainability in an electrified SUV.

Key insights

💡The Maan is Porsche's first fully electric SUV, representing a big shift in their product lineup.

🚗The Maan comes in two models: the Maan 4 and the Maan turbo, offering different levels of power and performance.

⚡️The Maan has a range of up to 380+ miles, making it suitable for long journeys and everyday use.

🔌With its 800-volt architecture, the Maan can be charged at high speeds, allowing for quick and convenient charging.

🏁The Maan combines sporty design elements with advanced technology, offering a unique and exhilarating driving experience.


What is the range of the Maan?

The Maan has a range of up to 380+ miles, depending on driving conditions and usage.

How long does it take to charge the Maan?

The Maan can be charged to 80% in approximately 21 minutes with fast charging capabilities.

What are the different models available?

The Maan is available in two models: the Maan 4 and the more powerful Maan turbo.

Does the Maan have all-wheel drive?

Yes, the Maan comes with all-wheel drive as standard, providing enhanced traction and performance.

What are the unique design features of the Maan?

The Maan features a sporty and modern design, with frameless doors, sleek LED lights, and bold body lines.

Timestamped Summary

00:00Introduction to the first fully electric Porsche Maan and its significance in Porsche's product lineup.

03:30Overview of the design elements of the Maan, including its sporty aesthetic and modern features.

06:15Details about the Maan's performance capabilities, such as its range and power options.

08:45Explanation of the charging capabilities of the Maan and its compatibility with fast charging infrastructure.

10:30Discussion of the unique driving experience offered by the Maan and its combination of sportiness and advanced technology.