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The Extraordinary Intelligence of Animals

TLDRDiscover the latest research on animal emotions, intelligence, and communication. Explore amazing animal stories from around the world and meet the scientists dedicated to understanding these extraordinary creatures.

Key insights

Animals behave in strange and wonderful ways, but can science explain what's really going on?

The latest research is increasing our understanding of animal emotions, relationships, intelligence, and communication.

Travel the world in search of surprising and incredible animal stories.

Discover how animals use their intelligence to overcome challenges and adapt to different environments.

Meet the dedicated scientists who are unraveling the mysteries of animal behavior.


Can animals feel and express emotions?

Yes, research has shown that animals can experience emotions such as joy, fear, sadness, and anger.

How do scientists study animal intelligence?

Scientists use a variety of methods, including observation, experiments, and cognitive tests, to study animal intelligence.

What are some examples of animal communication?

Animals communicate through vocalizations, body language, scents, and even electrical signals.

Why do animals behave in strange ways?

Animal behavior is influenced by a variety of factors, including instinct, learning, and environmental stimuli.

What can we learn from studying animal behavior?

Studying animal behavior can provide insights into our own behavior and help us understand the natural world.

Timestamped Summary

00:03Introduction to the extraordinary behaviors of animals and the question of whether science can explain them.

00:19The latest research is increasing our understanding of animal emotions, relationships, intelligence, and communication.

00:25Exploring the world to find surprising and incredible animal stories.

01:42Investigating the unexpected relationship between a dangerous predator and a gentle giant in Florida.

01:52Discovering how urban raccoons in North America are becoming smarter thanks to living in cities.

02:47Testing the intelligence of bears in Cambodia and the efforts to protect orphaned elephants in Kenya.

03:39Exploring the cleverness of a domesticated raccoon in the Bahamas.

08:28Examining the unique intelligence of a raccoon in Canada and its ability to outsmart humans.