The Exciting World of Web 3 Gaming: A Look at the Latest Games and Infrastructure

TLDRWeb 3 gaming continues to thrive, with new games and infrastructure being developed. Check out some of the most exciting web 3 games, including Cosmic Gears and Cidus Maze. Learn about the importance of infrastructure in web 3 gaming, and discover Playi's cutting-edge technology. Explore the genre of MMORPGs in web 3, with games like Avalon offering unique gameplay and user-generated content. Experience a new twist on extraction shooters with Engines of Fury. The web 3 gaming landscape is expanding, providing gamers with more choices than ever before.

Key insights

🎮Web 3 gaming is constantly evolving and shows no signs of slowing down, with new games being released regularly.

🌐Infrastructure plays a crucial role in web 3 gaming, providing developers with the tools and technologies needed to create immersive gaming experiences.

🧩Cosmic Gears and Cidus Maze are two exciting web 3 games that offer different gameplay experiences, from casual gaming to NFT-based maze navigation.

🎭MMORPGs in web 3, such as Avalon, offer a new level of gameplay, allowing players to explore different worlds, engage in combat, and create their own content.

💥Engines of Fury brings a new twist to extraction shooters, combining action-packed gameplay with web 3 elements and loot progression.


What is web 3 gaming?

Web 3 gaming refers to the use of blockchain technology and decentralized platforms to create and play games, allowing for increased ownership, transparency, and player-driven economies.

Why is infrastructure important in web 3 gaming?

Infrastructure in web 3 gaming provides the necessary tools and technologies for developers to create and optimize games, ensuring high performance, scalability, and data validation.

What makes Avalon different from traditional MMORPGs?

Avalon incorporates web 3 elements, such as user-generated content and conversational AI, allowing players to create their own worlds and interact with NPCs in unique ways.

What sets Engines of Fury apart from other extraction shooters?

Engines of Fury introduces web 3 elements to the extraction shooter genre, offering a blend of intense combat, loot progression, and collaboration with the Cidus gaming company.

How can I get started with web 3 gaming?

To get started with web 3 gaming, you can explore platforms and games that are built on blockchain technology, such as the ones mentioned in this video. You may need a compatible wallet and cryptocurrency to participate in certain aspects of web 3 gaming.

Timestamped Summary

00:00Web 3 gaming has seen significant development in recent years, with a wide range of games catering to different interests and preferences.

02:10Cosmic Gears, a casual game developed by Cidus in partnership with luxury watch brand Frank Muller, offers an accessible gaming experience on Telegram.

03:40Cidus is also working on Cidus Maze, an NFT-based game that allows players to navigate mazes with their characters, showcasing the continued growth of the Cidus metaverse.

06:08Playi is a gaming project that provides cutting-edge infrastructure for web 3 gaming, including ZK EVM, hyper chain AI, and decentralized storage.

07:26Avalon is an MMORPG in web 3 that allows players to explore different worlds, conquer dungeons, craft equipment, and engage in player-driven content creation.

08:56Engines of Fury is an extraction shooter game that brings web 3 elements to the genre, offering intense combat, loot progression, and collaboration with the Cidus gaming company.