The Exciting Phase of Kitchen Renovation: Designing Custom French Doors and Restoring Windows

TLDRIn this episode of our kitchen renovation series, we enter the final phase where we design custom French doors for our pool area and restore our old windows. The progress has been fast, and we can't wait to showcase the results!

Key insights

💡The kitchen renovation is entering the final phase, where custom French doors and window restoration are the focus.

🔨The French doors are designed to lead out to the pool area, allowing natural light and fresh air into the kitchen.

🚪The existing windows in the kitchen were painted shut, but they are now being restored to open again.

🎨The restored windows will be painted white to match the overall aesthetics of the house.

🔑Opening the windows will provide better ventilation and allow for a breeze while cooking in the kitchen.


Why did you choose French doors instead of a regular door for the pool area?

French doors add an elegant and stylish touch to the kitchen, and they allow for more natural light and a better connection between indoor and outdoor spaces.

What inspired you to restore the old windows instead of replacing them?

We wanted to maintain the character and charm of our 1930s home, and restoring the windows was a way to achieve that while also adding functionality and better ventilation to the kitchen.

Will the restored windows be energy-efficient?

Yes, our contractor will ensure that the restored windows are properly insulated and sealed to provide energy efficiency and prevent drafts.

How long does it take to restore and paint the windows?

The restoration process depends on the condition of the windows and the number of layers of paint. Once restored, painting the windows can be done within a few hours, allowing sufficient drying time.

What other improvements are planned for the kitchen renovation?

Alongside the French doors and window restoration, other improvements include skylights, plumbing and electrical updates, drywall installation, and insulation.

Timestamped Summary

00:00We are in the final phase of our kitchen renovation, where we design custom French doors and restore our old windows.

02:23The existing windows in the kitchen were painted shut but are now being restored to open again, allowing for better ventilation and a connection with the outdoors.

08:52The French doors are designed to lead out to the pool area, providing natural light and fresh air.

12:31The paint is stripped off the windows, and the restoration process begins.

14:44The windows are sanded and prepared for painting, adding a fresh and clean look to the kitchen.

16:01The custom French doors are showcased, and the waiting game begins for the glass installation.