The Exciting New Big Avatar Update has Arrived!

TLDRThe new Big Avatar update brings three new Elemental mythics, a mini battle pass, and unexpected items to Fortnite. Watch the whole video for a complete overview.

Key insights

🔥Fire bending is one of the most anticipated new mythics in the update.

💧Water bending provides healing abilities in addition to its offensive powers.

💨Air bending offers incredible mobility options for players.

🌍Earth bending allows players to create defensive barriers and deal damage with earth chunks.

The mini battle pass includes various rewards, from banners to emotes, and more.


What is the cost of the premium tier in the mini battle pass?

The premium tier costs 1,000 v-bucks.

Can I unlock the APPA glider for free?

Yes, you can unlock the APPA glider for free by completing quests.

Are the new mythics available in the item shop?

Yes, you can find the new mythics in the item shop.

Which element is recommended for offensive gameplay?

Fire bending is the most suitable for offensive gameplay.

What are the vaulted items in this update?

The Thunderbolt of Zeus, Wings of Icarus, and Chains of Hades are vaulted in this update. However, they will return after the Avatar event.

Timestamped Summary

00:00Introducing the new Big Avatar update in Fortnite.

02:00Overview of the mini battle pass and free rewards.

05:20Detailed explanation and demonstration of each element's abilities.

09:45Review of the vaulted items in this update.

12:30The gameplay experience and recommendations for players.