The Epic Journey Comes to an End: Our Year of Traveling to 40 Countries

TLDRAfter a year of traveling to 40 different countries, we are finally heading home. It has been an incredible journey filled with unforgettable experiences and personal growth. While we are excited to return to a routine and see our families, we will miss the freedom and adventure of travel.

Key insights

🌍We traveled to 40 countries across six continents, experiencing different cultures and gaining a global perspective.

✈️We took a total of 35 flights during our year-long journey, hopping from one destination to another.

🏞️We explored breathtaking landscapes, from the Canadian wilderness to the Icelandic countryside.

🌮Food played a central role in our travels, and we indulged in a variety of local cuisines.

👫Traveling as a couple allowed us to strengthen our bond and create lifelong memories together.


How many flights did you take during your travels?

We took a total of 35 flights throughout the year, allowing us to explore multiple countries on different continents.

Which country was your favorite to visit?

It's difficult to choose just one favorite, as each country had its own unique charm. However, we were particularly captivated by the beauty of Iceland and the cultural richness of Japan.

Did you face any challenges while traveling?

Traveling for a year comes with its own set of challenges. We dealt with language barriers, navigational issues, and occasional homesickness. However, overcoming these challenges only made our journey more rewarding.

What was the most memorable moment of your travels?

One of the most memorable moments was witnessing the Northern Lights in Iceland. It was a truly breathtaking and magical experience.

Will you continue to travel in the future?

Although we won't be traveling full-time anymore, we will always have a passion for exploring new places. We will continue to plan trips and embark on new adventures whenever we can.

Timestamped Summary

00:00After a year of traveling to 40 different countries, we are finally heading home.

02:00We drove 64 hours through the Canadian wilderness to kick off our journey.

06:45We are packing up and heading to the airport for our last flight.

09:56We arrived in the US, marking the end of our incredible year-long adventure.

10:42We express our gratitude to our viewers for their support throughout our journey.