The Don'ts of Visiting Croatia: Insider Tips for a Better Experience

TLDRAvoid major cultural missteps in Croatia by not getting freaked out by loud conversations, discussing the war with Serbia, calling Croatia Yugoslavia, and dissing anything Croatian. Don't expect comfortable beaches, bring sunblock and bug spray, and be patient with transportation. Don't miss out on local museums, cuisine, and culture. English is widely spoken, so communication won't be a problem.

Key insights

🗺️Don't expect comfortable beaches in Croatia due to stony or pebbled surfaces.

🌞Always bring sunblock and protection from the intense sun and heat in Croatia.

🤐Avoid discussing the war with Serbia unless locals bring it up.

🥘Don't diss anything about Croatian culture, cuisine, or football teams.

🏰Explore local museums to gain a deeper understanding of Croatian history and pride.


Can I pay with Euros in Croatia?

No, Croatia uses its own currency called the Kuna. Euros are not widely accepted.

Do Croatians speak English?

Yes, many Croatians, especially those involved in the tourism industry, speak English.

Are beaches in Croatia comfortable?

Most beaches in Croatia have stony or pebbled surfaces, so comfortable lounging may require water shoes.

What should I not discuss with Croatians?

Avoid discussing the war with Serbia unless locals bring it up. It is a sensitive topic for many.

Is transportation efficient in Croatia?

Transportation in Croatia, especially between islands and mountainous areas, can be slower than expected. Plan accordingly.

Timestamped Summary

00:00Mark introduces the video from Hvar, Croatia.

00:28The first 'don't' is not getting freaked out by loud conversations among Croatians.

01:12Avoid discussing the war with Serbia unless Croatians bring it up.

01:42Don't call Croatia Yugoslavia, as it has been gone for a long time.

02:35Don't diss anything Croatian, as Croatians are very proud of their culture.

02:53Be prepared for stony or pebbled beaches and consider bringing water shoes.

03:47Remember to bring sunblock and bug spray due to the intense sun and mosquitoes.

04:26Be patient when traveling in Croatia, as transportation can take longer than expected.

05:57Don't skip visiting local museums to learn about Croatian history and culture.

06:11Sample the local cuisine and appreciate the pride Croatians have in their food.

07:21Croatia uses its own currency, the Kuna, so don't expect to pay with Euros.

07:38English is widely spoken in Croatia, so communication won't be a problem for tourists.

08:31Don't pass up the chance to try dried figs and rakia when offered as a sign of hospitality.

09:08Mark signs off from Hvar, wishing viewers a great time in Croatia.