The Dark Side of Chinese Education: Overworking Students and Exhausted Parents

TLDRChinese students face immense academic pressure and are burdened by excessive amounts of homework. The educational system in China is characterized by involution, intense competition, and overwork. Students often prioritize grades over their well-being and endure long hours of studying and completing assignments, even when sick. Parents, driven by societal expectations and the pursuit of excellence, push their children to the brink. The pressure to succeed starts from a young age, leading to physical and emotional exhaustion among students and parents alike.

Key insights

😔Chinese students face immense academic pressure and are overworked from a young age.

📚The amount of homework in Chinese schools is estimated to be the highest in the world.

💼Parents in China prioritize their children's academic success, often at the expense of their well-being.

☕️Staying up late to do homework is a common practice for Chinese students.

🎒Children in China carry oversized backpacks filled with books and assignments, even when sick.


Why do Chinese students have so much homework?

Chinese students have a high amount of homework due to the intense competition and expectations in the educational system. It is believed that more homework leads to better academic performance.

Are Chinese students allowed to take breaks during their studies?

While breaks are technically available, Chinese students often choose to prioritize their studies over rest. The pressure to succeed and the fear of falling behind drives them to work excessively, even during holidays and vacations.

How does the education system in China impact students' well-being?

The education system in China places a heavy emphasis on academic performance, leading to high levels of stress and anxiety among students. Many students experience physical and emotional exhaustion, and the pressure to excel can negatively impact their mental health.

What role do parents play in Chinese education?

Parents in China play a significant role in their children's education. They often prioritize their children's academic success and push them to excel. However, this can lead to increased pressure and an unhealthy focus on grades rather than holistic development.

Is the overworking of students and parents unique to China?

While the overworking of students and parents is not unique to China, the academic pressure and competition in the Chinese education system are particularly intense. The societal emphasis on academic achievement and the sheer volume of homework contribute to the high levels of stress experienced by students and parents.

Timestamped Summary

00:01Chinese students are overwhelmed by excessive amounts of homework.

03:07Chinese parents prioritize their children's academic success and often push them to the brink.

09:11Students in Jiangsu Province face the highest academic pressure in China.

12:41Academic competition and the pursuit of excellence start from a young age in China.