The Complete Cut and Altered Maps of Pokémon Gold and Silver

TLDRGet a glimpse of the early maps of Pokémon Gold and Silver, which had drastic changes from the final game. Explore the original world map, cut cities, and altered layouts. Discover the early story and NPC placements that provide insights into the game's development.

Key insights

🗺️The original world map of Pokémon Gold and Silver was completely different from the final game, covering the entire country of Japan.

🏙️Cut cities and gyms were found in the early maps, showcasing the changes made during development.

🔄Team Rocket's presence and plotlines were evident in various towns, indicating a possible different story.

🏫School-like gyms with female leaders were featured in some cities, hinting at early gym leader designs.

⛰️Explorable mountain caves suggested complex puzzles involving mine carts.


How different were the early maps of Pokémon Gold and Silver compared to the final game?

The early maps were drastically different, featuring a unique world map covering all of Japan and including cut cities and altered layouts.

What insights can we gain from the NPC placements in the early maps?

The NPC placements provide hints about the early story and plotlines. Team Rocket's presence and potential takeover of certain cities suggest a different narrative.

Were there any notable changes in gym designs?

Some cities featured school-like gyms with female leaders, indicating early designs for gym leaders and their locations.

Were there any complex puzzle elements found in the early maps?

Explorable mountain caves with mine cart puzzles were discovered, suggesting the inclusion of intricate challenges in the game.

Can we still access the original cut and altered maps in the final game?

No, the cut and altered maps were removed from the final game. However, thanks to leaked data, we can now explore and analyze these early maps.

Timestamped Summary

00:00Pokémon Gold and Silver underwent drastic changes during development, resulting in completely different early maps.

01:13The original world map of Pokémon Gold and Silver covered the entire country of Japan, unlike the final game's limited regions.

03:58Early maps revealed the presence of cut cities and gyms, showcasing the development process and design alterations.

06:20Team Rocket's involvement and plotlines can be inferred from NPC placements in certain towns, suggesting a different story direction.

07:53Some cities featured school-like gyms with female leaders, providing insights into early gym leader designs and locations.

10:10Explorable mountain caves in the early maps suggested the inclusion of complex mine cart puzzles as gameplay challenges.

12:17The early maps of Pokémon Gold and Silver can no longer be accessed in the final game but were made available through leaked data.