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The Battle of the Forge: Jesse vs. Eric

TLDRIn this episode, Jesse and Eric compete to create the best blade using the Copus design from the Roman gladiator weapons. Jesse continues his winning streak, while Eric strives for his first victory.

Key insights

🏆Jesse wins his seventh battle and maintains his winning streak in the competition.

⚔️Both contestants showcase their forging skills and create impressive blades.

🔪Jesse's blade features a raindrop pattern, while Eric focuses on a twisted Damascus design.

💪Strength and sharpness tests reveal the quality of each blade.

🥇Jesse emerges as the champion, earning another $5,000 for his victory.


How many battles has Jesse won so far?

Jesse has won a total of seven battles in the competition.

What design did Jesse and Eric use for their blades?

Jesse chose the Copus design, while Eric also created a blade inspired by Roman gladiator weapons.

What testing methods were used to evaluate the blades?

The blades underwent strength and sharpness tests to assess their performance.

What is the prize for winning a battle?

The winner of each battle receives a $5,000 cash prize.

Has Eric won any battles before?

No, this is Eric's first time competing for the title of Gladiator of the Forge.

Timestamped Summary

00:01Jesse and Eric compete in the Battle of the Forge with the Copus design.

04:50Eric faces challenges in forging his blade with a twisted Damascus design.

06:18Both blades undergo strength tests to evaluate their durability.

07:04Doug tests the sharpness of the blades by cutting ropes.

09:58Jesse emerges as the winner, securing his seventh victory in the competition.