The Authentic Typhoon Shelter Crab Experience in Hong Kong

TLDRJoin us on a seafood tour in Hong Kong, where we explore the original typhoon shelter crab dish. Discover the history and unique flavors of this iconic seafood dish that is loved by crab enthusiasts. From the fish market to the restaurant, we will take you on a culinary journey that showcases the best of Hong Kong's seafood cuisine.

Key insights

🦀Typhoon shelter crab is one of Hong Kong's most iconic seafood dishes, known for its generous amount of garlic.

🍜The seafood market in Aberdine Island is a must-visit for seafood lovers, offering an array of fresh catches.

🔪Fresh seafood is cooked to perfection at Hy Seafood, a family-run restaurant known for its authentic typhoon shelter crab.

🦞Razor clams are another popular seafood dish in Hong Kong, often enjoyed alongside the typhoon shelter crab.

👨‍🍳Eugene, the son of the restaurant owners, proudly carries on the family legacy, serving delicious seafood dishes.


What is the history of typhoon shelter crab?

Typhoon shelter crab originated as a Fisherman's recipe and gained popularity for its flavorful combination of crab and garlic.

What other dishes are recommended at Hy Seafood?

In addition to the signature typhoon shelter crab, Hy Seafood is also known for its razor clams, which are cooked with garlic and oil for a delightful flavor.

Is the seafood at the fish market fresh?

Yes, the seafood at the fish market in Aberdine Island is extremely fresh, as it is sourced directly from local fishermen every morning.

Is Hy Seafood a family-run restaurant?

Yes, Hy Seafood is a family-run restaurant, owned by Eugene's mother and currently managed by his uncle and auntie.

What makes the typhoon shelter crab dish unique?

The typhoon shelter crab dish is known for its abundant use of garlic, which creates a rich and flavorful sauce that complements the sweetness of the crab.

Timestamped Summary

00:00Introduction to the seafood tour in Hong Kong and the focus on the typhoon shelter crab dish.

02:03Exploration of the fish market in Aberdine Island, showcasing the fresh catches of the day.

05:39Visit to Hy Seafood, a family-run restaurant famous for its authentic typhoon shelter crab.

07:20Eating the steamed grouper and slipper lobsters cooked to perfection at Hy Seafood.

09:40Indulging in the juicy and flavorful Hong Kong prawns at Hy Seafood.

11:30Tasting the creamy and delicious thread fin fish with black bean sauce at Hy Seafood.

13:49Arrival at Hy Seafood for the highlight of the tour, the typhoon shelter crab.

15:20Witnessing the preparation of the typhoon shelter crab with an abundance of garlic and spices.