The Amazing Trident Farm and Frogger Game!

TLDRWatch as we showcase our amazing trident farm and the progress we've made on our Frogger game. We discuss the mechanics of the farm and game, and share some insights on our building process. Don't miss out on this exciting episode!

Key insights

🔑The trident farm stores tridents in minecarts, using them like a battery for future use.

💡The tridents are collected by standing in the area, allowing them to be automatically funneled into a collection system.

The farm has a cool-down period for the collection process, ensuring successful retrieval of the tridents.

🕹️The Frogger game has undergone significant improvements, with balancing tweaks and additional features.

🚦The game now features mini loops for the ravagers, allowing for better difficulty balance and faster gameplay.


How does the trident farm work?

The trident farm uses minecarts to store tridents, which can be collected by standing in the area. The minecarts prevent the tridents from despawning.

What's the drop rate for tridents?

The drop rate for tridents is approximately 8%, making it a relatively rare item to obtain.

How does the Frogger game's mini loop system work?

The mini loop system in the Frogger game allows for better control over the release of ravagers, resulting in improved difficulty balancing and faster gameplay.

Are there plans to add more features to the Frogger game?

Yes, we have plans to add more decorations, such as sea grass and sea pickles, to enhance the visual appeal and gameplay of the Frogger game.

What improvements have been made to the Frogger game?

The Frogger game now has balance tweaks, additional drip leaf, and lily pads for player control. It also features a seven-segment display to show important information to the player.

Timestamped Summary

00:00Introduction to the trident farm and Frogger game.

03:19Explanation of how the trident farm works and its drop rate.

04:42Details on the mini loop system in the Frogger game.

06:28Discussion on planned features and decorations for the Frogger game.

09:59Overview of the improvements made to the Frogger game, including balance tweaks and a seven-segment display.