The Admin's Strength Ban: A Battle for Survival

TLDRIn this video, players with strength below certain thresholds face the risk of being banned by the admin. The intensity increases as the ban thresholds rise, putting players in a constant battle for survival.

Key insights

💪The admin sets strength thresholds for banning players, creating a challenging environment for weaker players.

🚫Players are at risk of being banned repeatedly if they fail to meet the strength thresholds.

Timers are set, indicating the duration until the admin returns to enforce the bans.

🏋️Some players possess 100 or more strength, ensuring their safety from the bans.

Higher strength thresholds are implemented by the admin, making the battle for survival more intense.


What happens if a player's strength falls below the ban threshold?

If a player's strength falls below the ban threshold set by the admin, they will be banned from the game.

Can players increase their strength to avoid bans?

Yes, players can increase their strength by various means, such as working out or using items in the game.

How long do players have to increase their strength before the admin returns?

The admin sets a timer indicating the duration until their return to enforce the bans.

Are players banned permanently if they fall below the ban threshold?

No, players can be banned repeatedly if they fail to meet the strength thresholds, but it is not a permanent ban.

Is there a limit to how high the admin can set the strength threshold?

The admin can set higher strength thresholds, making it more challenging for players to avoid bans.

Timestamped Summary

00:00Players with strength below 100 will be banned by the admin.

00:06Players discuss the possibility of the admin selecting a higher threshold in the future.

00:15A player provides a gym for others to increase their strength in order to avoid the bans.

00:22The admin announces that players below 250 strength will be banned.

00:27A player boasts about having 269 strength but is still near the banning threshold.

00:36The admin raises the strength threshold to 1,000, creating a more difficult challenge for players.

00:44A player with only 10 strength questions if the admin should be banned.